XL 4 Leaf Clover (Bolt-On)

You won't need any luck hanging on to this two handed clover climbing hold.


You just found the pot of gold! Two large jugs shaped into a fun loving clover. It almost feels like you are driving something that has a narrow steering wheel. Like a go-cart or aero bars on a time trial bike.

Have a steep wall? No problem, you just found your lucky XL bolt-on climbing hold to set with. It definitely would fall into the medium sized roof jug category. It's definitely not small.

The two main leaves on the XL bolt-on climbing hold allows you to grab on to 2 pads of finger depth for both of your pointer fingers with room for all four fingers. It can be used in a roof as a challenging hold to the beginner. A strong climber could hang one arm off of the 4-leaf clover climbing hold in a roof.

Flipping it upside down turns it into an under cling. You can use the stem and supporting leaves on lower angle walls as awkward pinches but when the walls get steep, expect only to be able to stand on the stem rather than grab it.

My favorite is to set with it as a side pull in a really steep wall and force the climber use both hands on the 4-leaf clover climbing hold.