Climbing history is found in this uniquely named type of hold.


"A Gaston (pronounced gas-tone), named for the stylish French climber Gaston Rebuffat, is a handhold similar to a sidepull. Like a sidepull, a Gaston is a hold oriented either vertically or diagonally and is usually in front of your torso or face. To use a Gaston, grab the hold with your fingers and palm facing into the rock and your thumb pointing downward." Stewart Green  

With large-type labeling, the "GASTON L" and "GASTON R" holds inform the climber of the hold type and educate them in a natural, hands-on manner. It's ideal for climbing classes, DIY walls, and other applications.  

  • Labeled as "Gaston L" and "Gaston R" 
  • Hold Size: 3" wide x 6-7/8" tall x 2-1/2" standing off the wall.
  • Texture: The texture offers a skin-friendly grip and feels like natural rock.