Dual Texture

12 Patina Pinches/Edges Dishes/Jugs

These climbing holds offer crazy thumb catches all over the place!

12 Medium Basic Jugs (Dual-tex)

Super comfortable jugs in less steep terrain; positive power endurance holds in steep. Dual textured holds.

12 Large Basic Jugs (Dual-tex)

Super comfortable dual textured jugs.

XXL Hedron Sloper (Dual-tex)

Dual Textured Dimensional sloper great for all levels of climbers.

XXXL Scoop Jug #1 (Dual-Tex)

A huge dual-textured jug

3 Domes (Dual-Tex) (bolt on)

Dual Textured 3.5", 4.5" and 6.0" Domes.