5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!


5 Medium Dripstone Jugs

Contoured and friendly.


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches/Pockets

A variety set to add to your spray wall.


7 Dripstone Mini Jugs

Tea cup-sized jugs for vertical and steep wall occasions.


5 Medium Dripstone Pinches

Love the rock-like texture!


5 Large Dripstone Steep Wall Slopers

Grippy slopers for steep terrain.


5 Large Dripstone Slopers

The slopier version of the 2 large Dripstone sets.


5 XL Dripstone Jugs

Easy to grab comfortable jugs.


Double Hander (Dripstone)

Super comfortable, huge jug.


5 XL Dripstone Steep Wall Slopers

Room for both hands and catches for your fingers.


XXL Dripstone Tufa (Bolt-On)

Cool pinch climbing on every angle of wall.


XXXL Dripstone Narrow Pinch

3 1/2 inches wide!

Min: $39.00 Max: $206.00
$39 $206