Double Hander (Limestone)

Have a steep wall? Look no further.
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    This hold is wide at 11 inches. That is a lot of room. Three hands wide would be accurate. As for the incut, the middle section follows the plane of the wall. That means that on a roof, the middle section will be horizontal to the ground. It feels in the range of V3 on a roof. Your fingers will land on the horizontal one and half finger pads deep. On a vertical wall, this is a V0 hold. Very easy to hold on. On a 45 degree wall, it feels about V1. 

    • Measures 11 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall x 3 inches off the wall. 
    • Great for beginners on vertical walls. 
    • It is slightly challenging for beginners on a 45-degree wall.
    • Intermediate level hold in roof sections.
    • Two spinner screws for added attachment strength. 

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