When screws just won't do, and a jug is desired, this is the Monkey Bar of the Campus Board.


The Double Slider Bolt On Campus Jug is an exceptionally strong hold with embedded stainless steel washers, and it repeatedly has an appetite for big moves. Its performance and play are perfectly balanced.  

As with all Atomik products, this piece comes with a lifetime warranty, so rest assured the design will handle thousands of fatigue load cycles. Purchasing this product is an investment as it will never fail or wear out. 

Campus Boards: 

Campus Boards don't have to be just for the elite athlete. You can turn your Campus Board from a race track into a playground. Campus moves have traditionally been only accessible to the already strong athlete on smaller rungs. The Campus Jug invites anyone who can do a pull-up into the world of power moves. The Double Slider Bolt On Campus Jug is the "Monkey bar of the campus wall."

Warming up and cooling down is necessary to stay safe when campusing. Start and finish your workout here for large muscle gains. 

The beefy 1-1/4" thick ergonomic lip is gentle on the hands, and our skin-friendly 2.0 texture makes for a comfortable jug, so when you are taking off with explosive plyometric campus moves, rest assured,  this hold delivers. 

Foam Pits: 

This is an excellent choice for the commercial gym with foam pits needing a vertical ladder for your clientele to exit the pit. Available in 44+ colors! 

Route Setter's Note:  I put these on our 45-degree wall in several orientations and liked setting them diagonally for laybacking and gastoning moves. The 22-degree incut ( so on a 45-degree wall with 23 degrees left of incut) leaves them feeling V3/4 using decent footholds. I also set them horizontally in a ladder/campus pattern and found that they performed well for explosive moves, campusing, and other plyometric loads. 

  • SIZE: 16-1/2" wide x 4" tall x 2-1/4" standing off the wall. 
  • INCUT ON HOLD: 65 degrees ( This means that on a 25-degree wall, there is 40 degrees of incut. On a 45-degree wall, there is 20 degrees of incut. 
  • Embedded Stainless Steel Slider Washers
  • Rated for Commercial Use. 
  • TEXTURE: Atomik 2.0