DEAL OF THE DAY 106 Pack Granite (Screw-On)

A pack that delivers a realistic rock climbing experience.
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This Deal of the Day is all Earth Tone #1; however, the disbursement is not exact. Take a look at the photos. This set comes from when our staff planned out this line of packs. 25% off. Not Returnable. 

This pack is a collection of various easy-to-grip shapes suitable for the general public. So whether your clientele is a business looking for team-building activities or you have children on a home wall, the pack considers that these groups are all climbing with athletic shoes and not commercially made climbing shoes. 

The challenge that realistic holds offer is that every hold is unique. The intricate detail on these shapes offers a feel only surpassed by climbing on real rock outdoors. This rock-like feel does translate into how difficult it will be for your clientele. 

The difficulty of this pack to the general public wearing athletic shoes is in the medium difficulty range. It is the hardest challenge level we recommend for the climber without commercially rated climbing shoes.

This pack equips a 3 panel wall (8' x 12'). 

Additional holds, such as our Dripstone Jugs and Granite Jugs can make this set feel easier. 

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