Petzl Verso Belay / Rappel device

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Belay device.
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    Petzl’s lightest belay/rappel device with adaptive rope control technology

    VERSO belay/rappel device offers a lighter and more compact option for climbers looking to reduce the size and weight of their gear. V-shaped friction channels with asymmetrical side grooves adapt the rope friction for better control.


    • Ultra-light design:
      - hot-forged aluminum
      - weight: 57 g
    • Single belaying device for all ropes:
      - 8.9 mm or greater diameter single rope
      - 8 mm or greater diameter half rope
      - 7.5 mm or greater diameter twin rope
    • ARC technology adapts to the diameter of the rope used by increasing or decreasing the braking friction on the rope according to its diameter and condition.
    • Belaying device allows for better braking on thinner ropes
    • Adapted braking for efficiency with larger diameter ropes
    • Asymmetrical side grooves decrease friction when taking in slack for greater ease of use
    • Ultra-compact design is easy to use and doesn't take up much space on your rack
    • Rope friendly design. Separates the two strands of rope when belaying or rappelling with half/twin ropes. This helps prevent the ropes from twisting or knotting.
    • Keeper cable will not get pulled into the device, and keeps it in the optimal position while also helping to prevent dropping the device
    • Usage diagram engraved on device for ease of use
    • Use with symmetrical shaped locking carabiners (Am’D or WILLIAM) to maximize efficiency no matter which end is closest to the device


    • Weight: 57 g
    • Rope compatibility: for single rope (8.9 mm or greater diameter); half rope (8 mm or greater diameter) and twin rope (7.5 mm or greater diameter)
    • Material(s): hot forged aluminum body
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