24 Divots (Bolt On)

24 positive divot holds with a spinner screw.

10 Small Divot Pinches

Tapered rock climbing pinches

15 Positive Divots

Steep wall or a kid's wall, this set is for all!

12 Medium Divot Jugs

Let your fingers do the walking and your thumbs do the talking!

5 Positive Divots

Steep wall training or a vertical kid's wall, this set is for all!

5 Medium Divot Pinches

Best suited for hard setting in steep terrain.

5 Divot Pockets

Always tendon friendly pockets here at Atomik.

5 Large Divot Pinches

Really hard on anything past vertical.

12 Large Divot Jugs

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.

5 XL Divot Pinches

Not just your ordinary pinches.

5 XL Divot Roof Jugs

Enough room for both hands on all the holds with ample thumb catches make these beauties an excellent choice for steep terrain.

Double Hander (Divot)

Jug meant for two hands

The Divot ( XXL )

Positive on vertical. Negative on steep.

XXXL Divot Jug

Humongous jug.

12 Medium Golfus Crimps

Power endurance crimping

5 Large Golfus Jugs

Comfy Super Jugs

5 medium golfus PE

Easy 5.12 in steep terrain.

5 XL Golfus Roof Jugs

Insanely incut jugs.

Double Hander (Golfus)

Our most incut Double Hander.

XXL Golfus Sloper

Functional design.