XXXL Divot Jug

Humongous jug.

The Divot ( XXL )

Positive on vertical. Negative on steep.

Double Hander (Divot)

Jug meant for two hands

5 XL Divot Roof Jugs

Enough room for both hands on all the holds with ample thumb catches make these beauties an excellent choice for steep terrain.

5 XL Divot Pinches

Not just your ordinary pinches.

12 Large Divot Jugs

Divots are your friend when walls get steep.

5 Large Divot Pinches

Really hard on anything past vertical.

5 Divot Pockets

Always tendon friendly pockets here at Atomik.

5 Medium Divot Pinches

Best suited for hard setting in steep terrain.

5 Positive Divots

Steep wall training or a vertical kid's wall, this set is for all!

12 Medium Divot Jugs

Let your fingers do the walking and your thumbs do the talking!

15 Positive Divots

Steep wall or a kid's wall, this set is for all!

10 Small Divot Pinches

Tapered rock climbing pinches