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Deal of the Day - Set of 2 XL Bombs (6") YELLOW

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Serious sloper training available today at 40% off!!!
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    These Deal of the Day XL 6" Bombs are fully functional and covered by our lifetime warranty. Set of 2. Comes in Yellow, no color requests, non-returnable. 

    At 6" in diameter, the XL Bombs require sufficient forearm strength, making them more functional for advanced level training. Their design enables you to switch between pull-ups and chin-ups without ever letting go, and the larger size allows for more serious forearm strength training. The versatility of the rock climbing pull-up holds makes them essential training products for American Ninja Warrior, parkour, climbing, and gymnastics athletes.    

    • 6 inches in diameter
    • Allows full shoulder rotation 
    • Advanced level pull-up and chin-up holds 
    • Perfect for Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastics, and climbing athletes 

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