Deal of the Day Photo Hold Sampler #25 (Screw on) Kids Holds (Earth Tones)

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A random mix of Earth Tone, Screw-on, Kids holds available at 50% off!
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    In the process of re-shooting our website, we have extra hold inventory we need to get rid of. These holds were used for photos, and are unclimbed on. This product is NOT RETURNABLE. No additional discounts may be applied. Grade "A" quality and carries our Lifetime Warranty.  

    Loaded with kids holds, this set is perfect for beginners on vertical walls or for the advanced climber looking to spice up their steep wall. 

    Below are the full sets included in this Deal of the Day

    • 5 Pack Dinosaurs (Screw-0n)
    • 5 Garden Creatures (Screw-on)