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Deal of the Day Large Ring 1" ( Down Climb ) Fluorescent Blue

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Best selling roof and down climbing hold and right now we have a bunch of them in Fluorescent Blue that we need to liquidate. Available today at 30% off!!!
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     These Black Deal of the Day Downclimb Rings are overpoured and we need to get them out of the shipping office. They come with our lifetime warranty and are available today at 30% off!!! 

    Price is for one hold. 

    No color requests, non-returnable. 

    • Over 5000 large climbing holds sold to be used as down climb holds from tall bouldering walls.
    • A very easy to grab, handlebar-like climbing ring on any angle of wall including roof sections.    
    • You can expect to fit a child's whole hand around the bar of this climbing wall grip.
    • For an adult sized hand, 3 to 4 full fingers can be expected.