Deal of the Day #23 -- 34 Pack (For Little Hands) Assorted Bright Tones

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Small holds for small hands. Excess inventory available to you at 30% off retail!
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    These 34 packs are taking up too much space in shipping so we need to get them out of the building. They are available to you today at 30% off retail price. These are not seconds.

    Assorted Bright Tones, no color requests, not returnable. Lifetime warranty. 


    When it comes to trying to be cost-effective, this set is where it's at. The handholds are barely large enough for little children to get their hands behind. So if your child is of the category where you would rather have them on a climbing wall than on your furniture, this is a great starter set for them. For the child that needs a boost to get off the couch and be more active, look for our sets that offer larger holds such as the 24 pack or the 63 Pack.

    This set consists of...