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2 Bolt Playground Climbing Holds - Rock Like

Ideal for all playground climbing walls.

2 Bolt Playground Climbing Holds - Hedrons

Playground holds that meet ASTM and CSA standards

Narrow Hedron 2 bolt ( 5 holds )

Playground holds to fit on 1.5 inch side of a 2 x 6.

Mini Half Pipe 2 bolt hold ( 1 hold only )

Fitness Wall or Playground, they will never spin.

Single Gang Outlet/Switch Cover

Leave your existing cover plates in place!

Double Gang Outlet/Switch Cover

Electrical outlets and light switches don't have to be covered up!

Bolt On Mat Holder Version #1

Bolt on version to hang your mats off of.

Screw On Mat Holder Version #1

Screw on version to hang your mats off of.

Climbing Wall Mat Holder Version #2

Redesigned for 2015

Mat Holder Version #3

Hang your velcro loop mats form these amply sized loop holds.
From $9.99

10 Pack LED

This product can only be purchased through Spectrum Sports

Sign Holder

You pick it, we stick it.

Sphere ( one only )

Round product. Not a climbing hold.

Freedom Climber

From $169.99

Treadwall Pack #1 ( Set of 40 )

Hand selected holds for the Treadwall.


Set of 24 custom holds

Removable Climbing Hold Bracket (No hold)

Prevent access to your wall.

AS 1" Campus Rung 90/100

Private Sale Only

AS 2" 80/90 Campus Rung

Private Sale Only

Globe Grasp

For private sale only