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Single Gang Outlet/Switch Cover

Leave your existing cover plates in place!

Double Gang Outlet/Switch Cover

Electrical outlets and light switches don't have to be covered up!

Bolt On Mat Holder Version #1

Bolt on version to hang your mats off of.

Screw On Mat Holder Version #1

Screw on version to hang your mats off of.

Mat Holder Version #2

Redesigned for 2015

Mat Holder Version #3

Hang your velcro loop mats form these amply sized loop holds.
From $9.99

"MOST" Hold

Custom shaping

Shower Rock

Private Sale only
From $4.13

Support Ribbon (HERA)

100% of the money you pay for this hold gets donated to the fight against cancer.

10 Pack LED

This product can only be purchased through Spectrum Sports

14 inch Death Star Screw-on

Eye candy for your wall.

24 inch Death Star Screw-on

This one is huge!

Freedom Climber

From $169.99

Treadwall Pack #1 ( Set of 40 )

Hand selected holds for the Treadwall.


Set of 24 custom holds

Removable Climbing Hold ( Bracket )

Prevent access to your wall.

Globe Grasp

For private sale only

Spinning Door Knob

For private sale only