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10 Brain Coral Slab Crimps

Heinously hard crimps

10 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps

V8 crimps in steep terrain

15 Brain Coral Crimps

Challenging to grab, easy to stand on.

18 Brain Coral Crimps

Really hard to grab, not so easy to stand on.

10 Oval Crimps #2

1/4" to 1/2" oval shaped crimps.

10 Oval Crimps Set #1

Oval shaped and rounded crimps.

10 Oval Crimps Set #3

Flat and slopey oval shaped crimps.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #1

When "nail biting crimps" are exactly what you want.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #2

Rounded lip incut crimps.

10 Small Simple Crimps Set #3

3/4" rounded lip incut crimps.

10 Small Simple Incuts

Dial up the crimp you want.

10 Straight Crimps

Functional straight crimps.

10 Thin Crimps

Dish like edges ready for steep walls.

12 Steep Wall Brain Coral Crimps

V5 crimps in steep terrain

15 Steep Wall Thin Crimps

Positive steep wall crimps.

5 medium golfus PE

Easy 5.12 in steep terrain.

6 Yaniro Crimps

Wide range of rounded, comfortable crimps.

10 Limestone Edges

Big edges with a rock-like feel.

10 Pack Granite

A variety of granite textured holds

10 Sandstone Steep-Wall Crimps

This set offers one full finger pad to two full finger pads of crimper edge.

11 Sandstone Crimps

This set offers a ¾ of a finger pad to a full finger pad of crimper edge.

12 Medium Basic Incut Crimps

V4/V5 holds on a 45 degree wall.

12 Medium Golfus Crimps

Power endurance crimping

12 Medium Hedron Crimps

Not just your ordinary crimp.

12 Patina Pinches/Edges Dishes/Jugs

These climbing holds offer crazy thumb catches all over the place!

17 Crimper Edges

5.11+ in steep terrain.

18 Smooth Edges

These edges are great for all angles that you would consider to crimp on.

21 Sandstone

The holds in this set are a little larger than a golf ball. They are excellent as footholds on most walls along with being great as small hand holds for the route setter wanting small crimpers.

3 Medium Yaniro Rounders (PE)

Rounded cobble-like edges.

4 Yaniro Slot Crimps

Open-handed crimps.

5 Edges

All five are incut and friendly and can be moved to steep walls once you have mastered them on lower angles.

5 Large Simple Incuts

Positive incuts for steep terrain.

5 Medium Simple Crimps

Friendly, comfortable crimps for lower angled terrain.

XXL Mudplate Tile


5 XL Mudplate Crimps

Nothing dirty about these climbing holds.

1" Low Angle Crimp Tiles

Sold as a set of 2. 4 different 1" edges in one hold.

5 Medium Dripstone Slopey Edges

Test your skills on these slopers!