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COVIOD 19 Update

Stardate June 6th, 2020. That's my Star Trek reference for the day :) The status of most of the orders is that we are running right at our Production Limit. We promised a five business day turn around and are accomplishing that for the most part. There are about 30 orders that we should have shipped today. We poured them, we just couldn't ship them so we will be expediting them tomorrow. That means that our customers will get their orders on the same day or earlier than promised. I bought my way out of this one with the expedited shipping and I'm keeping a close eye on each day. We have a couple of light days of orders coming up so I'm hoping to create a bigger cushion on our current orders. I'd like to be shipping orders in three days while promising five. 80% of the orders are shipping in three days. Now I'm after bringing in that final 20%. Squad goals! 

My current business model is to ship as many orders as we can to our customers. This is the reason I am running the timelines razor-thin for us. I know you want your product asap so I have revved the engine as fast as it can go. Normally, we easily fill orders in one to three business days but those days are long gone during COVID-19. 

I'm working on a sign off catchphrase which I haven't figured out yet. All this new blog stuff that I am supposed to learn. A common saying around Atomik is "Let's pour some holds", "Let's make some molds", "Let's ship some holds". Though all true, just not quite what I'm looking for. I do like "Git-R-Done" but that one's taken! 

I'm off to bed so I can get up at 4 am tomorrow to "Pour some holds". 

I wish you the best of luck and health. 



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