Friday, August 7th, 2020 Update. 5:03 m MDT 


  • We have a scheduled shut down of our site next Tuesday at 8:30 pm. New website! Yippee! 
  • We are now shipping orders in three to five business days or less from the business day after we see your order. Below is the breakdown of what you can expect. If you want faster service, UPS 2nd Day Air will allow you to skip the line. 
  • This does not apply to "Hardware Only" or "Deals of the Day Only" orders. We can usually ship those the same day if we see the order in the morning. As of the last table produced today, we are turning orders around at an average of 3.7 days. The time-frame fluctuates while our goal is to get back to 1 to 3 business days. 

Example Shipping Timeline

  • You order Monday, we see it Tuesday. We ship it the next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 
  • You order Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and we see it Monday. We ship Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday the next week. 
  • Need it fast? Choose UPS 2nd Day Air and your order goes on the next available table that day or the first table the next business day. 


  • Yes, the industry bought most of our t-nut stock. We immediately reordered when the pandemic hit us in April but to keep prices low, we have to import them via Sea. So stainless will run out but we will have 250,000 more in August. We will be fully stocked on every t-nut by then. We won't run out of 4 prong zinc t-nuts. We still have access to hundreds of thousands. The Industrial Round Base T-nut is still in stock. There is some round base zinc left which is the standard for indoor home walls.  


Lastly, I want to thank you for your business. I have always run Atomik to offer cost-effective products with the fastest turn-around time. We accomplish this by manufacturing our brand. During the pandemic, I have committed to shutting off all selling channels, except our website. I believe this decision will best serve our climbing community. 


To try and get ahead and back to our usual 1 to 3 business day turn-around, we are running weekend shifts. 


I wish you all the best in health. 


Kenny Matys