Saturday, June 6th,2020 Update. 5:31 am MDT 

  • Another Saturday and Sunday of production for some of us here at Atomik. The changes we have made with the staff have increased our output. Each week we are shipping new all-time records. By my standards, I'd like to be three days faster than we are. We are now getting orders out in five to seven business days. Why? Because we have to manufacture every order that is coming in. The days of having inventory passed months ago. 
  • What five business days mean is that we do not count the day your order arrives. UPS does the same. They do not count the day they pick up your order from us. If you order Wednesday, we will ship your order by Thursday the next week plus there is the time in transit to get to you.  
  • We are running shifts seven days a week and we are fielding calls between 7 am and 7 pm until further notice. 


If we have to close the site due to the excessive volume of orders, we will do so by removing the "add to cart" button. 

To prepare for your future purchase, you can use the Wishlist button (little heart icon where you would typically see the add to cart button) while navigating the website.  The Wishlist button will add the items you want to your Wishlist. When we open, go to your wishlist, select the box to the left of the items to add that product to your cart, and then there is a red button below all the items which is labeled add to cart. Click add to cart.  You can adjust quantities of products inside your shopping cart.  

Here are the details on how you can help us ship as many orders into the climbing community as possible. They are in order from fastest to slowest production times. This list is for those that care more about speed than exact colors. 


  1. T-nut Only Orders. All hardware, including your favorite t-nuts, are in stock. It is best to order bolts and t-nuts with your holds; however, we recommend buying your t-nuts separately if five days faster helps you. We can ship t-nuts the same day that you order them if you place your order before noon MST. 
  2. Order solid-colored sets. For example, 12 Steep Wall Crimps in blue. This is the fastest way for us to produce.
  3. Order Assorted Bright Tones #1. This is our most common color request. So, we regularly pour them. They are red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.
  4. Order Assorted Earth Tones #1. This is the most common color request for earth tones. This color option is not ordered as often as Bright Tone #1, which means we don’t pour them as regularly.
  5. Custom Color Combinations, Fluorescent, Assorted Bright #2, Assorted Earth #2. These are low volume colors, which means that we must designate specific times and allocate space to accommodate them. If you want them, no problem. Just know that when we plan our days of production, these orders get produced over the weekend. 

Lastly, I want to thank you for your business. I have always run Atomik to offer cost-effective products with the fastest turn-around time. We accomplish this by manufacturing our brand. During the pandemic, I have committed to shutting off all selling channels, except our website. I believe this decision will best serve our climbing community. 


I wish you all the best in health. 


Kenny Matys