Hanging Bungee Cluster ( 3 Footer ) RED

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Create your very own Bungee Road with these ninja warrior obstacles for sale!
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    • rubber coated ends 
    • each cluster has 4 lengths halved giving 8 x 3/8" lengths of bungee
    • the effective diameter when grabbing all 8 is approximately 1-1/2" 
    • indoor use only 
    • attachment carabiner not included 
    • available in red and lime greeen 
    • bungee can be tied with knots should you wish to make the grip easier with your hand sliding down to a stopper knot
    • scroll down to view attachment carabiners which are not included
    • one year warranty 
    • as with all bungees, they do wear out. 
    • each single bungee strand has a tensile strength of 400 pounds. 
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