Our website offers 38 colors for many products however there are some exceptions. Many have been matched with other main brands in the US industry using the Aragon numbering system. For designers, we do sell all of them in COLOR SAMPLES

Any color outside of this range can be color matched for a fee. Contact for inquiries or COLOR MATCHING

What to expect when ordering assorted.

Assorted Bright Tones (5 colors) = red, blue 13-01, green 16-13, orange 14-01 and yellow or lime green

Assorted Earth Tones (5 colors) = gold, rust, black, brown, moss green (grey and dune are often mixed in) 

Assorted Fluorescent Tones (5 colors) (Reflects Black Light) = blue, green, orange, pink, purple

Special Requests = There is a red outlined Special Requests box inside your shopping cart. If you have specific color needs that you can refer to by the Atomik name and code, please type them in that box.