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We believe in doing business with morals and ethics to develop the US economy. We want to employ our friends and family within our community which is why we only recommend companies that do not outsource their product or services offshore. These companies all warranty their product and are in no way new to the industry. They are serious about what they do and love what they are doing. 


Start Here 

When it comes to basic home wall design, Atomik has you covered using our in-house expert,Kenny Matys and his 25 plus years of experience competing, route setting and working in the commercial climbing gym scene. 

Contact: 801-404-0280


Flooring and Mats

Futurist Climbing Consultants, Inc (FCC) assists clients in their pursuit of creating commercially viable state-of-the-art climbing facilities.

Services include Flooring and mat systems, climbing operations, facility consulting, bouldering and roped climbing.  

Contact: Timy Fairfield 505.750.1104 


Ropes Courses 

High 5 Adventure Learning Center is a non-profit educational organization known worldwide for our adventure education and training programs for all levels of practitioners. There services include Training,Certification, Teambuilding, Consulting, Curriculum Development, Challenge Course Construction, Inspection and Repairs. They are ACCT certfied. 



Custom Climbing Walls 

Outdoor Escape designs, fabricates, constructs, and finishes rock climbing walls and other climbing installations for all budgets and applications. Using advanced materials and designs allows them to bring the most flexible and authentic climbing experiences to their clients.

Contact: Steven Garza 281-948-6298 



Rotating and Portable Climbing Walls ( Treadwall ) 

When space is tight, rotating climbing walls are an awesome way to to get unlimited length of routes.

Check out Brewers Ledge/Treadwall

Contact: Conant Brewer 800-707-9616



Rotating Climbing Walls ( Freedom Climber ) 

An innovative, no-motorized climbing wall that provides a whole body workout in a harness free environment.

Checkout Freedom Climber. 

Contact: Terry McCall (717) 940-2701