10.1 mm Dynamic Gym Rope ( 200 meter spool )

  • • Sold as an entire spool that is 200 meters/656 feet. Color may vary.
  • • This rope is for belaying climbers; this is NOT meant for rope climbing which is 1.5" in diameter.
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10.1 mm Dynamic Gym Climbing Rope

The Gym ReVO rope is a low-elongation rope designed for high-volume use in climbing gyms as a top-rope belay. It is 100% nylon with an innovative double-braid core that utilizes Sterling's Thermodynamic Balancing process. This provides the perfect amount of energy absorption and durability needed for the taller walls in today’s gyms.

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The minimum rope length for a climbing wall is double the height of the wall plus 20 feet.  

  • Example 1: If your climbing wall is 20 ft. tall, your minimum rope length is 60 ft. long. 
  • Example 2: If your climbing wall is 30 ft. tall, your minimum rope length is 80 ft. long. 



  • Weight (g/m): 65
  • Impact Force (kN @ FF .3): 4.7
  • Elongation (50 kg - 100 kg): 4.0%
  • MBS Rating (lb): 5754
  • MBS Rating (kN): 25.6
  • Sheath Slippage (%): 0.0