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Products tagged with 'climbing hold'


5 XL Brain Coral Slopers #2

Slightly more advanced slopers


5 XL Protons

Big fun!


5 XXL Brain Coral Wide Pinches

Super wide slopey pinches.


Double Hander Emoji Jug

An Emoji climbing hold with lots of room to have fun on!


Single UFO (16" disk)

UFO pull up disks as seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior Area 51!


XXL Brain Coral Sloper Pinches (Set of 3 )

Just hope the terrain is vertical!


XXL Dice

How mean would it be to fill in the spots?


XXL Golfus Rail (Low Profile)

Cost-effective long rail.


XXXL Brain Coral Ledge #1

55 degree incut jug


XXXL Brain Coral Ledge #2

75 degree incut


XXXL Brain Coral Ledge #3

85 degree incut