Hold Layouts


Are you confused about where to put the holds? Below are some layouts to guide you. We also have a great ROUTE-SETTING VIDEO. If, instead, you would like a personalized paint-by-numbers approach for where the holds go, check out our Hold Layout - Expert Consultation.

Down Climb Rings allow the climber to get down off the wall easily.  It is especially important to include these on a children's wall to ensure that your young climber can safely and comfortably descend the wall. Below is an example of how to layout a staggered down climb route.

Below you will find several different examples of holds that we have laid out on different sizes of walls. These are meant to be a guide for you as an initial setup. Every wall should be climbed on and adjusted as necessary for the intended audience. 

Single-Panel 8' Tall x 4' Wide Walls

#1. 24 Pack Golfus Layout with Down Climb Rings 

#2. 16 Holds Per Panel (Industry Standard for pre-teens and up)

#3. 105 T-nut Layout 4' x 8' Plywood Panel Toddler Wall. The below image shows our current capabilities of laying out a wall using Photoshop. The image below of our photoshopped image is an actual photo of the finished product. 

Two-panel 8' Tall by 8' Wide Walls

#1. 8' Tall x 8' Wide 

#2. Screw-on Hold Layout

Four-Panel 8' Tall by 16' Wide Walls

#1. Simple Ring Traverse Route:

8' Tall x 16' Wide Ring Traverse

#2. Ring and Jug Traversing Route:

#3. 8' Tall x 16' Wide 

Unique Wall Sizes

#1. 10' Tall x 5-1/2' Wide designed for a Senior Adult Training Wall

#2. 21' Tall x 8' Wide TRUBLUE Auto Belay Route 

#3. Two-Sided Cinder Block Wall Traverse

#4. 10' Tall x 7' Wide Peg Board Reciever Wall