Chain Anchor

The FIXE Ring Anchor is our most popular rock climbing top anchor unit.
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    The FIXE Chain Anchor was developed at the request of many customers. The unit is designed to be used in pairs or with another Top Anchor unit. When used with a Ring or Double Ring Anchor, an excellent Top Anchor is created. It is possible to extend the anchor point over obstructions using this anchor. A Plated Steel pair of Chain Anchors makes an affordable system that will last. In climbing gyms, these work exceptionally well as Top Anchors. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS

    #460 = 30kn CE / 40kn

    • #461 = 25kn CE
    • 10mm bolt hole (standard)
    • 4mm stock (hanger)
    • 10mm stock (ring)


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    Picture of Chain Anchor Plated Steel
    Chain Anchor Plated Steel