Plans to take your climbing fitness to the next level.


I can make you stronger, smarter and and overall better climber. Today I talked with a 5.6 climber who just wanted to be solid for next year. We talked about the wall he is building and then I gave him some test efforts to do to so I could figure out his winter training. Yesterday was a V6/V7 climber that has aspirations to climb a specific 5.13a next year. Can it happen? You bet. We structure workouts for what we have available to us.

Are you the climber that pushes it all the time? Friday night at the gym pulling down with the bros? I get that; really I do but if you want to kill it this coming season, it's time to do base training. If you don't know what base training is, you're probably going to level out your ability mid season. Lose fitness over the winter, get in shape in the spring, start climbing really well in the fall and then whamo, winter again and you do it all over again. That's cool if you never want to get to the next level but if you want more, you should consider a coach.

What I can do for you is direct you with nutrition, mind set and fitness. A sounding board for ideas. I don't need to see your foot technique or scream moves to you from the ground. I expect your local crew can do that. What I can do for you is force you to stay at certain levels of effort for specific amounts of time to build an engine that will be capable of helping you surpass your goals.

I charge $100 for the first month and then $75 a month after that. This includes unlimited email support. What you get is direction. Workouts that will drive you crazy at the beginning but build a foundation for power levels you have dreamed of and now they are going to come true. We start with figuring out your goals and levels of current ability and from there develop a training plan for the next month. We will do tests to see what you are capable of.

Intrigued? Feel free to ask questions.