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30 Super Small Steep Wall Feet

Foot holds intended for steep climbing walls


10 Oval Crimps Set #1

Oval shaped and rounded crimps


10 Oval Crimps Set #2

Rock climbing crimps with a rounded edge


10 Oval Crimps Set #3

Flat, slopey oval shaped crimps


5 Medium Slopers

Time to visit Slopey Town.


5 Medium Steep Wall Slopers

Not much to grab here.


12 Medium Basic Incut Crimps

V4/V5 holds on a 45 degree wall.


12 Medium Basic Jugs

Super comfortable jugs in less steep terrain; positive power endurance holds in steep.


5 Large Steep Wall Slopers

Kick the wall back for some sloper action.


12 Large Basic Jugs

Super comfortable jugs.

Min: $16.00 Max: $166.00
$16 $166