Cradles to make your own Bar Hop obstacle!


Sold as a set of 2, the Bar Hop Cradle allows you to make your own Bar Hop/Flying Bar obstacle. The usual spacing between cradles is two feet. The final dismount spacing, seen in American Ninja Warrior 8, is five feet from the last cradle to the landing platform.

  • Measures 2" wide x 8" long x 1-7/8" tall.
  • DIY Bar Hop Cradle obstacle.
  • Sold as a set of 2.
  • Embedded washers for durability.
  • 3 Attachment points per cradle tooled for a #10 bolt/screw.
  • This product is not sold with hardware as the thickness of the rig varies greatly.   
  • They can be attached to a variety of structural rigs.
  • For attaching to solid wood, we recommend 6 x 2" TORX
  • We recommend a #10 bolt with a fender washer and nyloc nut for attaching through steel. The thickness of your truss or steel will determine the length of the bolt you will need.
  • The Middle attachment holes have 1/2" thick of material.
  • The Outer attachment holes are 1" thick of material.
  • The bar with rubber-coated ends is not included.
  • Here's an awesome video explaining what the actual Ninja Warrior obstacle entails:

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