Balance Dome (Rubber Floor Model) (One only)

Mobile tricking device with a rubber shell and bottom for safety. The carabiner is for size reference only and is 4 inches across. Does not come with Carabiner.
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    The Dome Balance Sphere is ideal for floor obstacles at the gym, dojo, CrossFit, gymnastics, or any other place you want parkour training equipment you can easily move around. Add new challenges to your parkour course today using this balance training equipment.

    • this is a dome aka half of a ball
    • great for Sensory clientele, Ninja floor obstacles, and gymnastics  
    • 12-inch diameter
    • stands 5 inches off the ground  
    • rubber shell on outside and bottom with foam core
    • one sphere only 
    • very mobile 
    • indoor use only 
    • this product is not stocked and is poured to order.  
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