Atomik Liquid Chalk 100ml (Case of 70 bottles)

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Back in stock July/August 2020. 90% Alcohol. Lowest priced liquid chalk in the US!
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    • 90% Alcohol. 
    • No additional discounts.
    • For sale is a case of 70 bottles sized at 100 ml each. 
    • Liquid grip chalk
    • Keep your hands dry so your skin won't tear so easily. 
    • Liquid chalk used for climbing, CrossFit, weightlifting, parkour, gymnastics, pole dance, aerial arts  
    • evaporates sweat and then adds a secure layer of chalk 
    • With a few exceptions, a lot of the chalk in the US industry is coming from the same manufacturing plants. So the chalks are often the same. It costs more to screenprint on the bottles as well as it costs more to buy in small batches. At Atomik, we buy in bulk and use the most cost-effective labeling and shipping to deliver the lowest chalk prices in the industry to you. 



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