Products tagged with 'american ninja warrior'


Single UFO (16" Disk)

UFO pull up disks as seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior Area 51!


Single XL Nunchuck

Add an aiming challenge to your lache!


Single XXL Cannon Ball (9")

As seen on NBC's American Ninja Warrior Cannon Ball Alley


Single XXL Dog Bone

Ninja Warrior and parkour hanging obstacle


Single XXL Hanging Heart

This one gets your heart-rate pumping!


Single XXL Hanging Pumpkin

Sloper style training hold


Single XXL V Wing

Great for Ninja Warrior and parkour training


Skull (HDPE)

Just how afraid are you?

From $98.31

Spikes (Set of 2)

Advanced pinch grip training equipment


The Ninja Book

The Ninja Book hanging climbing hold makes a great pinch obstacle.


Triangle (HDPE)

8" wide landing area.

From $86.94

Two-Footed Balance Trainer (Advanced Model)

This dynamic and unstable exercise device provides a challenging obstacle and workout with a variety of different applications.