Medium Sized Letter Shaped Alphabet ABC Climbing Holds (Bolt-On)

These medium alphabet climbing holds are designed for small hands. You're sure to love this full set of kids bolt-on climbing holds.

From $22.88

XL Alphabet ABCs (Bolt On)

7" inch tall letters.

From $62.03

XL Numbers (Bolt-on)

6 inch tall number rock climbing holds for big results.

From $51.86

Full Set of Boulder Problem Numbers (0-12)

These Bouldering Problem numbers are not intended for use as climbing holds. They are designed to replace route tags on your wall to label the difficulty of boulder problems. Though they are strong enough to be climbed on, the bolt location could potentially lead to spinning.
With our Lifetime Warranty, identifying your boulder problems with these numbers is a one-time investment.
Measures: 3-1/2" tall x 3/4" standing off the wall

Min: $22.00 Max: $1,511.00
$22 $1511