Advanced Grip Training Hangboard (One Piece)

Next level grip training device for already strong athletes!
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    The board boasts Atomik's "Super Texture" which is an extremely skin-friendly texture. We think it's better than wood. 

    This design will take your grip strength to a level you have never felt before! 

    • Pocket (4 fingers)(3-1/2" wide) 
    • Crimp (1/2, 3/4")
    • Sloper (110 and 120 degrees sloping)
    • Jug (Incut)
    • Pinch (3")
    • Board measures 23-1/2" wide x 7-3/4" tall x 3-1/4" deep 


    It also comes with installed bolt hangers to hang your BOMBS which are not included. 

    In order to hang your BOMBS, we recommend using our Hang Board Hardware Kit


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