Grip Pro Trainer

Grrrrrrip it!

Ouistiti Kids Harness

Kid’s rock climbing harness suitable for children weighing up to 60 pounds

Corax Harness

Fits waist size 23" to 40"

Refillable Chalk Sock

Required by gyms

Block chalk

2 ounce and full pound climbing chalk
$2.99 $0.99

Large Boar's Hair Hold Cleaning Brush

This high quality boar's hair brush is perfect for big holds and features.

Medium Boar's Hair Hold Cleaning Brush

Perfect high quality brush.

Nylon Brush

Perfect high quality climbing hold brush.

Fundamentals of Route Setting

Required reading for every setter.

1" Route Setting Tape

Mark your boulder problem or route with this high quality climbing wall tape!

12" Dynex Slings (Set of 2)

Rock climbing slings sold as a set of 2.

24" Dynex Slings (Set of 2)

Sold as a set of 2.

8" Black Nylon Slings (Set of 2)

Sold as a set of 2.

Accessory Cord 6mm ( Sold by the foot )

6mm accessory cord sold in one foot increments. Color may vary.

Climbing Rope 10.1 mm ( sold by the foot )

Gym rock climbing rope sold by the foot. Color may vary.

10.3 mm Dynamic Gym Rope ( 200 meter spool )

Sold as an entire spool that is 200 meters/656 feet. Color may vary.
$639.99 $599.99

Atomik Liquid Chalk (200 mL)

Keep your hands dry so your skin won't tear so easily.