I have the top 2 rails pictured in this set. They are incredible. Facet shape is fun and texture is perfect.
The top one is more of a sloper with a couple sweet spots. It is on my 8 degree wall and set more vertical. Can easily fit 2 hands on it. Could even get 3 maybe 4 hands on it if you had that many, but it is still indeed challenging.
The middle hold pictured is a set of 3 jugs. We call it the "mustache." I had this on my roof and could crank out a couple pullups campus style while I was fresh. Was fun to also hand bump through the jugs while solving problems with it. I threw it up high on my 35 degree wall and it is easy with the jug side up or on an angle.
I love these holds! They are big and fun. Huge upgrade to the woody!
9/24/2018 7:46 AM
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