75 Pack Facets (Feet, Crimps, Pinches, Jugs)

Spice up your vertical wall to V3 with crimps, pinches, and jugs!


The 75 Pack Facets consist of crimps, pinches, and jugs. The size range is from super small to large. The super smalls are chunky feet, which are V1 easy on a vertical wall. They work excellent on steep walls. There is a wide variety to the pinches, from narrow to slightly wide, which gives a fantastic range. The crimps are traditional edges with lots of room for all your fingers. The jugs are unique in that the incut is a one-dimensional plane like a pancake. Atomik has designed them so that you can't dig into the hold with your fingers; they flat instead. This leads to an easy grip on vertical while being substantially harder in steep terrain. 

For the beginner wanting to spice up their vertical wall, this is an excellent choice. As you become a stronger climber and dream of climbing on steeper walls, choosing this set will allow you to learn how to crimp and pinch. Once you become comfortable with them on vertical walls, you can then move them to slightly overhanging walls to continue your grip strength quest. 

This set adds a whole new element to your steep wall for the intermediate to the advanced climber. On a 45-degree wall, you can expect V6. The crimps are the in-your-face edge, so there is no place to hide. You can either hold on to them or not.

This pack is an excellent way to get lots of problems onto your wall in a turn-key kind of way. 

The following sets make up this pack:  




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