A pack that delivers a realistic rock climbing experience.


This layout features the 64 Pack Granite (Screw-On) on two 4'x8' wood panels (panels not included with purchase):


This pack offers more than the 16, 26, and 36 Granite Packs (each set on one panel), and less than the 94 and 106 Granite Packs (each set on three panels). This layout offers a unique middle-ground option where you get more variety to climb than the smaller packs, but it is less complete than the bigger packs.

The 64 Pack Granite is an extension of the 36 Pack Granite (Screw-On). The 64 Pack offers grips in various shapes and sizes.

It includes tennis-shoe-friendly feet, 1" deep incut edges, 1-1/2" deep incut jugs, and four XL finish jugs. 

Comparing the 64 to the 36 Pack, the 15 Small Granite Steep Wall Feet , the 10 Medium Granite Low Angled Jugs, and the 3 XL Granite Jugs Set #1 are added. 

The 64 Pack completely equips a two-panel wall that measures 8' feet by 8' feet.

Below are packs that are associated with this 64 Pack 

16 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

26 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

36 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

64 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

94 Pack Granite (Screw-On) 

106 Pack Granite (Screw-On)



Below are the full sets the 26 Pack holds come from 

5 Medium Granite Edges Steep Wall (Screw-On)

5 Large Granite Jugs (Screw-On)

10 Granite Tennis Shoe Friendly Feet (Screw-On)

3 XL Granite Jugs Set #2 (Screw-On)

15 Small Granite Steep Wall Feet (Screw-On)

10 Medium Granite Jugs Low Angle (Screw-On)

3 XL Granite Jugs Set #1 (Screw-On)