63 Pack Gymnastics

When your climbers are in bare feet, rounded shapes like these provide comfortable climbing.
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    Though we prefer climbers to be wearing at least tennis shoes, we recognize that in environments such as gymnastics facilities, shoes are not an option. This 63 pack of rock climbing footholds offers larger, more rounded shapes that are comfortable to stand on. These holds on average are larger and more positive than most of our sets. 

    We recommend adding our 10 BFF and the 5 BFF to this set. These sets are designed to offer cost-effective bare-foot-friendly holds. The 63 pack does not have any traditional footholds though you can use the Simple jugs as excellent footholds. 

    This set includes...

    15 positive divots

    12 medium divot jugs

    12 large divot jugs 

    12 medium simple jugs 

    12 large simple jugs 


    Buy these rock climbing holds at Atomik today!

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