A well-rounded set from small to extra large. The smallest hold is big enough to stand on with a tennis shoe.


The 60 Pack is a well-rounded climbing hold set that ranges from small to extra-large hold sizes. The smallest hold is big enough to stand on with a running shoe. The largest hold offers room for both hands. This set is excellent for the beginner climber because all of the holds provide a positive grip. Even the 10 Limestone Edges included in the collection are pretty positive, offering edges of 1" deep. 


For a wider variety of holds to meet the needs of the intermediate to an advanced climber, check out the 60 Pack Steep Wall. 


Included in this set:

5 XL Limestone Roof Jugs (Very positive jugs)

12 Large Limestone Jugs (Large-sized with a variety of incuts)

12 Mini Jugs (Medium-sized positive mini jugs) 

10 Limestone Edges (Positive 1" deep edges) 

21 Classic Smalls (Large enough to stand on with a running shoe) 

TEXTURE: The texture of these climbing grips is a skin-friendly grip that feels like natural rock.



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