Single Trapeze (6")

Ninja Warrior and parkour equipment for sale. Perfect for big laches!
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    The 6" Trapeze is a hold for intermediate to advanced level Ninja Warrior and parkour athletes. It's comfortable to lache onto with a slightly larger diameter, large landing zone, and grippy texture, making it a staple for Ninja Warrior and similar style training facilities. The 6" diameter adds a level of difficulty, creating the need for stronger forearms in athletes utilizing this hold. 

    In order to hang your Trapeze, we recommend using our Bomb Accessories

    • 6 inches in diameter
    • 19.5 inches wide
    • Intermediate to advanced level
    • Perfect for Ninja Warrior, parkour, gymnastics, and rock climbing athletes 
    • Premium Stainless Steel Bolts
    • Lifetime Warranty

    For a slightly less challenging option, try the 4" Trapeze.  

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