Inspired pocket designs by the sandstone boulders that line the hillsides of our very own Joe's Valley, Utah.


NOTE: All reviews before December 29, 2020, are for the prior version (1.0) of these pockets. This new version adds 1/4" of resin to the holds' base and adds a spinner screw.

There is nothing quite like sinking your fingers deep into a comfortable pocket, and that is just what you will get with this set of Joe's Valley inspired sandstone pockets. Using Joe's Valley climbing holds, you will have the pleasure of pulling down with 2 and 3 fingers up to 2 pads deep. They are all deep and comfortable. With the sandstone design, the holds will allow you to rotate them for various hand positions. It's important to challenge your skills as a hand technician, and with these large pocket rock wall holds, you'll now be able to safely approach pocket climbing.