• Be aware that 20 of the holds in this pack are super small feet that REQUIRE COMMERCIAL CLIMBING SHOES to use and are NOT suited for a children's wall.
  • • Good variety of shapes with an average size between super small to medium.
  • • Cost-effective due to the small average hold size.
  • • Good filler set to add to an existing wall.


This 50-pack contains a good variety of pockets, crimpers, rails, jugs, and super small feet. To give you an idea of how small the 20 footholds that come in this set are, all 20 can fit in the palms of your hands. This pack is intended for a wall where climbers wear commercial climbing shoes.  

If you are building a wall for children, you should consider one of our sets that are more friendly to the tennis shoe climber, like the 25 Packs or the 36 Pack. 

This pack contains:

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