Open-handed jugs.


A set like the 50 Pack Facets makes life easy for the route setter.  You open up the box, and you're setting with big themed holds. The holds are so cool that simply linking from one to another sets fun routes. 

The size of these holds is overkill for a child's home wall; however, it would be ridiculously cool. A set like this is more suited for steep walls. 

The holds in this pack range from larger than a grapefruit to a 24" long rail! Jugs, big jugs, bigger jugs, and a giant jug, with 20 Steep Wall footholds.

The style of Facets forces a more openhand grip, which is easier on the tendons.  So if you want jugs that are skin-friendly for long enduro circuits, this set will get you Mission Accomplished!

You are golden to set easy VO on vertical walls and V2+ in terrain steeper than 45-degrees. The holds are all directionally designed, so you can increase the grade quite quickly by rotating them into sidepulls and underclings. 

The Facet style is quite comfortable as care has been taken to make sure the contours follow the natural curvature of your hand. 

This set consists of: