5 XXL Two-Handed Sandstone Rails

When its time to go big, grab a set of these.


Every setter knows that rails are fun to set with. Good ole matching holds that start your boulder problem. We like to set with these to make a well-deserved rest spot or to create a launch pad for a dyno. This set not only adds function to your routes but also comes with a beautiful sandstone aesthetic design.

These holds are big in terms of length for matching. In general, these are not jugs except for one.  They measure about 12 inches long, give or take. You can expect to get 1 to 2 finger pads of real estate from four of the holds. There is one hold that will give you 3 finger pads deep which could be used in a roof.

In terms of location, they are positive enough to use on most angles of a wall.

On a 45 degree wall, these will yield enough purchase for the intermediate to advanced level climber to be challenged if spaced apart.

For the beginner climber, setting these close together on steep terrains will yield no less than V2.

  • Largest hold measures 12 inches wide x 6 inches tall x 2-1/4 inches off the wall
  • Smallest hold measures 10-1/2 inches wide x 4 inches tall x 2-1/4 inches off the wall