Begin and end your training session on these.


When you want to burn off that last little bit you have left at the end of a session, these are the go-to holds. Smooth texturede so your skin won't cry and 5 different versions to suit any angle.

For setting, 3 of these holds can be used in roof sections. The remaining 2 holds are must-have classic designs.

1. 2 pads deep in vertical to slightly steep terrain. 3/4 pad when in a roof.

2. Dig in deep on this double incut jug. It’s the easiest to grab in the set and works well in roof sections.

3. On a 45 degree wall, the lip is quite rounded offering an incut cobble jug.

4. Mail box slot jug bigger in size than #2 but without the double incut. Roof approved.

5. Fin-like feel. on low angle it's huge. As the wall gets steeper, the more and more you want to try and engage your thumb giving it that pinch feel.