Climb long and prosper with these Spock-like split jugs.


The incut on these jugs have two planes that change angles. So when you are grabbing on to them with two hands, each hand is on a different perspective, much like having your hands on a steering wheel at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions. The incut is on about a 45 degree, so when setting on anything steeper than a 45-degree wall, they become slopers and side-pulls. 

  • Smallest hold: 5" wide x 4" tall x 2" off the wall 
  • Largest hold: 8" wide x 7" tall x 3" off the wall 
  • great for beginners on vertical as jugs and side pulls
  • Unforgiving as undercllngs :) 
  • room to match hands on even the smallest one 
  • Atomik 2.0 Texture (Smooth)