5 XL Golfus Slopers (Vertical)

Spicy on vertical walls.


The "Vertical" part of the name means they are slopers on a vertical wall. The holds are all neutral to slopey to start with so expect aa challenge. The divots do offer a little bit of help staying on them, however, the divots are subtle. Compared to the "Steep Wall" version, this set is lower profiled.

  • V3 on vertical
  • V8 on a 45-degree wall
  • Great for intermediate problems on vertical walls
  • Smallest hold measures 7" wide x 5" tall x 3" off the wall
  • Largest hold measures 9-1/2" wide x 6-3/4" tall x 2-3/4" off the wall
  • Texture: Atomik 2.0

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