5 XL Golfus Slopers (Steep Wall)

The divots are there, but they are not really there ;)
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    The divot on the faces of the slopers offers a little more purchase than a traditional sloper that is completely smooth. What this means to you, is that you can engage a little more than normal on these slopers. What makes them "Steep Wall" is the slight incut. This is a great choice for beginners on vertical walls. This set will yield V2 on vertical quite easily. Maybe even V1 depending on how you grade.  On a 45 degree wall, there are some random divots than you can thumb-scum on which eases up their difficulty. 

    • V2 on vertical 
    • V5 on a 45-degree wall 
    • Great for beginners on vertical walls
    • Smallest hold measures 6" wide x 5-1/2" tall x 3" off the wall 
    • Largest hold measures 9" wide x 7" tall x 4-1/4" off the wall 
    • Texture: Atomik 2.0  

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