5 XL Flat Slopers

Angle specific flat slopers.
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    From easiest to hardest, these flat slopers offer 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 130 degrees and 140 degrees. 

    On vertical these will feel: 

    90: Easy. It's a ledge going back 3 1/4 inches. 

    100: Semi Easy: An excellent choice for the beginner climber wanting to start to get into sloper training. 

    110: Moderate: This is an intermediate level climber sloper at this point. Feels like a V3/V4 hold. 

    130: Hard: For the V5/V6 climber and above to do volume efforts on. 

    140: Crazy Hard: Our staff and friends that have climbed V10 to V14 could barely hang on them and no one could do a full pull up. 

    As the terrain gets steeper, the difficulty simply slides. So the 90 degree sloper will feel Semi Easy to Moderate on slightly overhanging terrain. On a 45 degree wall, the 90 degree sloper will feel hard. 

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