5 Small Golfus Crimps Set #2

Harder than Set #1. Easier than Set #3 and #4.


I fell in love with this Set#2 the first time I climbed on them. I took two sets and set a boulder problem on a 20-degree angles wall, and once I "settled" on to the holds, searching for just the right feel, I found the crimps followed the contour of my hand in a comfortable way. This is the kind of crimp that the intermediate to expert level can run laps on. 

The incut is about 3/8" deep, and there is a contoured lip that is surprisingly comfortable for a crimp. 

Set #2 is harder than Set #1 and easier than Set #3 and Set #4

On a vertical wall, expect V1+ feeling crimps. Again, this is a great choice for the beginner. 

On a 20-degree wall, expect V2 feeling crimps. 

On a 45-degree wall, expect V9 feeling crimps. 

  • SIZE:  4" wide x 2-1/2" tall x 1" off the wall 
  • V1+ on vertical. 
  • V2 on a 20-degree wall. 
  • V9 on a 45-degree wall. 
  • Texture: The texture is silky, grippy, and skin-friendly that feels like natural rock.

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